Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Riley!

Here is the Princess. This was her reaction for the ENTIRE TIME!!! Quite funny!
 Eating some pizza at the most relaxed birthday party in the history of birthday parties!
 Smooby actually went around once with Daddy.
Oneof smooby's favorite gifts (asside from all of the legos) is the fishing pole! He can't wait to go and catch him some fishies!!

First days of school

If she could have worn any more pink, she would have!

 She is already in love with Ms. Gallamore!
And we couldn't be happier with Mrs. Roberson for second grade!~!.

Friday, September 14, 2012

hello. sniff. sniff.

I know, it's been some time since I've blogged.

Since I started this blog, it has always been like I am writting to my mother. When she lived in FL, it was my way of sharing everything with her. When she lived downstairs, she still logged on and loved each post. Even though some friends and family checked it and read, and commented, it was always like I was talking to just my Mama.

Now that she is gone, I just could't find it in me. Coming here broke my heart. Everytime.
I sit here and think this is what she loved. She loved her grandchildren, so I am going to come back. It may not be pretty and it may be a little tear-filled, but it is what she would have wanted.

I miss you Mom.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Princess

As at any princess birthday party, there was face painting. Letting the children do it to us....not sucha great idea, but they sure did seem to enjoy it.There were all sorts of games, pin the diamond on the Princess necklace, Bingo, Pass the crown.
And the birthday girl picked the restaurant with the pepper (chili's).

I am as shocked as you are that the cake is store bought. The most adorable, precious, beautiful and sweet little 6 year old Princess you could ever imagine.

Valentines Day

Because they are so darn cute and still at an age where they let me do this.

Superbowl Partay

You know how we love our "food-themed" superbowl party. This year was apparently a team from New York - because we had us some pizza. Definatley one of the funnest SB parties, and definately one of the messiest!! There was another team as well---something about seafood because we had ALOT of Shrimp Cocktail. Obviously we were pulling for New York.
Look at him go!!!!!!!
The girls making their work of art.
Even Smooby got his hands dirty!!

Delicious. We even went the following week and made more for dinner one night. Turns out less expensive than Little Ceasars. And good.....don't get me started!!

New years Eve

Ah!! New years Eve. Always a good time at the Keough house. Plenty of food, drink, fireworks and friends. But this year, clearly, the highlight was the mustaches. I don't kow whose idea it was to make them sticky and stick them in a package - but it made for quite a few laughs.
Fireworks. Riley's first year lighting one.
She's plum crazy!

January 2012

I sit here utterly suprised at my lack of photos for January. We went out to Macaroni Grill for my birthday. I do realize I am missing a child in this photo, but like I said, the picking is slim.Adyson had her first experience at SipsNStorkes. To say she loved it is such an understatment. She can't wait to go back and asks me about every other weekend.
That's it. That's all the photos I have.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Christmas 2011

Our two favorite uncles in the whole wide world came to visit us this Christmas. We had a great time. The babies love them some Uncle Scotty and Uncle PJ.
Easy Bake Ovens are not all that, like I thought they were. We haven't gone back to it yet...since Christmas. Maybe we will pull it out again and ruin some more grose cookie dough.
Ah...cookies for Santa. Every year their cookie decorating skills just sky-rocket in the attempt to make the best cookie Santa will EVER eat.
Santa headed into our little neighborhood to say HI before telling the kids to go to bed early. Yes, those are skulls on Rileys sweater. Nice outfit to meet Santa in, huh??
You can only imagine how excited I was that they finally made some puppy clothes in a Double XX. It is NOT only Chihuahuas that like to get dressed up. Patsy loved hers. Bruiser put up with his---but NOT the hat with the beard attached. I know....I was suprised too. This is all I was going to get, so I decided to be happy about it. Look how cute they are!!!!

December 2011

The future of DEA Home Property Management Team. Just a few more years and they will be the bosses.Our Gingerbread House. Things are looking pretty good at this point.
Not that it has held up well in past years, but this year there was clearly something wrong with the construction.

Ah!! The DEA Christmas Party. Back at Michaels for another year. Good times. Good times. Another fabulous year for our fabulous company!!And the Alabaster Christmas Parade. This was the first year that my little Princess was able to be in it. She was so super excited. Throwing candy. Seeing all her friends. Then a small celebration at BWW was in order. Although I missed being on the sidelines with my kids as we have done every year since moving here, I suppose I need to accept that things are changing as they get older (again.....sob).

November 2011

My three little loves. We finished our Christmas Card pictures in November! Can you believe it? A picnic at the park in the middle of fall. That's a good day!!!

The Pumpkin patch. I guess this should really be filed under October, but here I am on a roll, so there is no going backwards to correct. We will have to overlook this.
Check out these jammies!! Yes, I have a problem. Thing is, I'm OK with it and my babies love it. So in hindsight, it's not really a problem.
They are holding hands. Aaaaaawwwwwww!!!!!!!

October, 2011

Ahhhh. Caramel apples. We do it every year and it just gets better and better. I do recall learning that the sheets are definately the way to go!!! Yes, those are eyeball sprinkles. She was a snow princess. In order to get sucha lavish gown, she had to get rid of all of her other princess costumes from years past. I mean--cinderella, from when she was 2 years old was so worn out, didn't fit, was falling apart....and was in better shape compared to the rest of them. So, it was a sad day....but in exchange she was a very Fancy Snow Princess.
Riley was a vampire. If I reference back, I am pretty sure I determined last year, when he was Darth Vader, that the black hair color in a can was not the best idea......but here I am doing it again. Anyway--they were dressed for their bowling league and Riley won first place. He was very much in character!
Me and my girl, Ms. Stacey, took a weekend trip to the Country Living Craft Show over in GA. We missed the world's largest Yard Sale, and needed to make up for it. It was a good craft show. The highlight was the trip to Ikea the following morning. Then the hours we spent trying to get everything into the car for the trip home.
And of course, no holiday shall pass in the Keough household without some themed jammies. Used to be their heads didn't come up to the door handle. Look how big they are getting. (sob).